Episode Guide

2×01 – Blood Pressure

Peter returns to Hemlock Grove in search of money to afford a lawyer for Lynda while Roman tries to satiate his newly found appetite.

2×02 – Gone Sis

Roman helps out hit-and-run victim Miranda. Olivia is frustrated over her present situation. Roman and Letha’s daughter is restless. Destiny and Peter investigate his dreams. Norman confronts Johann about Letha’s death.

2×03 – Luna Rea

Peter explores the scene of his haunted premonitions. Meanwhile, Olivia demands exclusivity from Norman at all costs.

2×04 – Bodily Fluids

Michael investigates Clementine and Marie’s disappearances. Miranda’s curious about the locked door in Roman’s house. Peter looks for the child from his vision. The search for Shelley commences. Roman’s hunger tempts him beyond his control.

2×05 – Hemlock Diego’s Policy Player’s Dream Book

Olivia receives bad news. Destiny and Peter are updated on Lynda’s hopeless case. Johann finally reveals his work to Roman. Miranda gets checked out by a doctor. Shelley contacts Norman for help. A desperate Roman seeks aid from Johann.

2×06 – Such Dire Stuff

Roman undergoes his first treatment with Johann which Olivia is not happy about. Anna tells Olivia about Miranda’s involvement with the baby. Norman and Shelley rendezvous after an incident. Destiny is suspicious of Miranda.

2×07 – Lost Generation

A family reunion unfolds with layers of typical Godfrey dysfunction. Peter and Roman’s quest to save lives forces them to reveal their true natures.

2×08 – Unicorn

A glimpse of Olivia’s past is revealed. Michael goes to Bishop for answers. Roman and Norman reveal some secrets to each other. Olivia’s rehabilitation takes an unexpected turn. Destiny discovers what the murderers are plotting.

2×09 – Tintypes

While Peter is violently interrogated, Roman preps for his final procedure. Destiny recruits a man to help Peter cast out the vargulf before it’s too late. An unexpected alliance forms when a threat to Olivia’s life is revealed.

2×10 – Demons and the Dogstar

Miranda’s situation gets weirder. Shelley and Prycilla prepare for their procedure. Peter’s recuperation is interrupted. Norman and Olivia have a showdown at the White Tower, where all hell has broken loose.